About Us





Guiders India is an HR Consultancy organization for Schools/colleges aiming to revolutionize the way Indians take schooling and for introducing, designing and maintaining HRD systems in schools.
Through our unique ‘Empower Schools’ package we aim to work towards empowerment of Schools through introduction of HRD systems, Talent Development Programmes, Skill-Development Training Workshops, Mentoring and other related practices.
We promote Indian Values and try to ensure that our students inculcate them. We partner with Schools in making a better tomorrow for them and their team.
We also work towards identification of potential/talents of the students by providing innovative solutions by combining HRD with Astrology to work towards Identification and development of combination of HRD with Astrology.
We also aim to empower Corporate Houses and B-Schools through ‘Empower Corporate’ and ‘Empower B-Schools’ package.
Through our unique ‘Empower B-Schools’ package we aim to work towards empowerment of B-Schools through introduction of HRD Workshops, Competency Development Programmes, Skill-Development Training Workshops, Mentoring and other related practices.
We partner with B-Schools in making a better tomorrow for them and their team. Through ‘Empower Corporate’package we provide variety of HR services to cater to the needs of the corporate houses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to partner the growth & development of the institutions/organizations to enable
them to grow to world class standards as well as work for enhancing effectiveness of each and
every individual member part of the Institution/organization & inspire him/her to evolve to his/her
highest God given potential.

Our Mission

To work as competent and strategic partner in growth and development of institutions/organizations (and its culture) and all members part of the institution/organization. To work for competence building, culture building and value building in institutions/organizations through establishment and maintenance of HRD systems.

Core Values

Values - The Guiding Lights
  • Empowering
  • Caring
  • Guiding
  • Learning
  • Sharing

“Education has to lead to capacity building among students”—A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

“Schools and colleges need a lot of self-renewal and OD help…. Teacher training institutions that are supposed to be involved in HRD for them, have become defunct and inefficient. In view of the paucity of talent, a new breed HRD manager can do a lot to uplift the competencies of school systems including principals and teachers. The HRD or OD specialists role would be to build competencies and commitment of the principals, teachers and learning attitude of the students”—Prof T.V.Rao, Father of Indian HRD

“Our education system as it stands today is in need of transformation, and transforming our education is really the key to transforming India’s destiny” -- Azim Premji

“I dream of an education system for India that would help each student reach his/her maximum potential”-- Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

“The most important thing one can learn is to ‘learn to learn’. People confuse education with the ability to memorize facts”—Shiv Khera, Author of ‘You Can Win’, Educator and Motivational Speaker

“Ultimate contribution of HR is to add to the vitality of the organizations through people and create brand India for its product, innovations and quality of services. HR has thus a much bigger role today than what it has played so far.”--Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Former CMD of Bank of Baroda & Author of ‘Dare to Lead

“The dominant competitive weapon of the twenty-first century will be the education and skills of the workforce”-- Lester Thurow